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The Zippo Club Austria - Club Lighter 2016

The “Zippo Club Austria” is an unpolitical non-profit association. The purpose of the association is the promotion of Austrian Zippo collectors and the increase of the name recognition of Zippo in Austria.

Zippo Club Austria was founded in 1994 and we currently have approximately 120 members
in 7 countries.

The Zippo Club Austria - Club Lighter 2016

If you want to join the Zippo Club Austria

Please print the Membership Application
and mail completed to:

Zippo Club Austria
Glossystrasse 14a
A - 1140 Vienna

Click here to download membership Application - printable PDF-Document: 30MB

Membership Dues - for 12 months

Europe: 27,- €

Overseas: 34,- €

You must be 18 years of age or older to obtain membership in the Zippo Club Austria.

The membership fee is payable at the joining of Zippo Club Austria and in January of the following years. If you join us from October to December your membership fee counts also for the following year. Leaving the club is possible anytime, but you have to inform us in written form. In this case we will not refund the fees.

Terms of payment:

Payment with Cash

Cash but only in Euro-
at your own risk.

Payment with Bank Transfer

Bank transfer also in Euro only.

Payment with PayPal

PayPal E-Mail:

Unfortunately we cannot accept checks !

Upon joining you will receive a Membership Card, ZCA – Pin, Zippo – Catalogue, etc...

If you have any question please do not hesitate to email:

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